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Amnesty / Reinstatement Program

FY 2022-2023 New Reinstatement Program


The New Member’s Reinstatement Program was approved by the National Board of Directors in their Board Meeting last September 17, 2022.

Board Resolution No. 2022-09-07

RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Board  approved the Membership Reinstatement Program to become a Member in Good Standing for Fiscal Year 2022-2023, whereby, for MiGS as of June 30, 2022 – members shall pay P1,000 for the current dues only, and for Non-MiGS as of June 30, 2022 – members shall pay P2,000.00 (P1,000.00 for current dues + P1,000.00 for reinstatement fee), with a deadline of payment until June 30, 2023.”

For your guidance and compliance.


Please see attached ED Memo FY 2022-2023-004.

Online Payment Details

Provincial Chapters (Direct payment to the National Office)


VIA Instapay or G-Cash (App) Bank Transfer:

Log on to your InstaPay or Gcash Mobile app and indicate the following:
STEP 1: On the Dashboard, select “Bank Transfer”
STEP 2: Select “Union Bank” as Partner Bank
STEP 3: Enter Bank Transfer details:

Amount ———— Php xxxx.xx
Account No. ——- 1008-4006-9691
email address —–

STEP 4: Click “Send Money”, review details then click “Confirm”
STEP 5: Scan or print screen payment slip/proof of payment
STEP 6: Email proof of payment to, and
STEP 7: Indicate your PRC Number, Full Name, Chapter, and Payment for



Metro Manila Chapters (Direct payment to PICPA MMR)


You may deposit your payment through  – Union Bank of the Philippines (UB)

Account Name —– PICPA Metro Manila Region
Account No. ——– 00-084-002124-0



Pay Bills>Payment Solutions>search for PICPA MMR
Full Name: [name of cpa]
CPA No.: [Note: 6 digits only in CPA no.]
Payment for: [indicate type of payment e.g., Membership]
Amount: [enter correct amount]
Email Address: [fil this up properly]

Once paid, please SEND a copy of the payment confirmation to

For more details, please contact Glenn Felicen at 8725-3337.

Request for Electronic Certificate

Request for Electronic Certificate


Certificate of Membership in Good Standing (eCMGS) [click here]
The Certificate of Membership in Good Standing will be electronically transmitted to the member’s email address. Any erasures or tampering will render the certificate invalid. PICPA assigns a QR code that embeds the information controlled by PICPA.

Type of Request:

  1. Generic – Issued free on the first request. On the second request, PICPA charges certification fee of Php112 . The purpose indicated is “for whatever purpose it may serve”.
  2. Specific – Issued for a fee of Php112. This includes initial/renewal BIR Accreditation, PRC BOA, SEC, CDA, PRC Renewal, ASEAN CPA, Certficate, Foreign Organization – CPA of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or other countries, and other special certificate for a specific purpose.
  3. Membership Certificate – a diploma type of certificate issued during the Oathtaking


Additional fee of P168, if your want the original certificate delivered to your designated address.
Kindly provide the contact person, complete address and contact number.

Request for PICPA ID

Request for PICPA ID


We have two (2) types of PICPA ID request:

  1. Electronic – an image copy sent through the member’s email (free of charge)
  2. Physical ID – with a fee of P200



  • Kindly update your information in the PICPA Glueup ( such as chapter affiliation, sector, and your picture.
  • The picture must be colored with white background, preferably 2×2.


Additional of P168 is you want the ID to be delivered.
We will need your complete address, contact person and contact number.

Kindly email your request to Mr. Richard Antonio,