September 8, 2022

Within the 1973, Swedish criminologist and doctor Nils Bejerot created a most fascinating psychological technology

The guy entitled they Norrmalmstorgssyndromet, immediately after Norrmalmstorg, the room away from Stockholm where in actuality the phenomenon had began. To those beyond Sweden, however, they turned called “Stockholm syndrome.”

The actual situation having his newfound condition was an interested you to. A bank robbery got happened, and hostages got removed. not, in place of all hostage situation earlier, brand new hostages noticed zero fear toward their hostage takers. Indeed, it was a bit the exact opposite. The newest hostages Austin hookup profiles in reality did actually allow us positive feelings with the its captors, baffling every the police broker and you will psychological specialist on community.

On the day of Aug. 23, 1973, Jan-Erik Olsson, into the leave out of jail, stepped on the Sveriges Kreditbanken from the Norrmalmstorg, a financial in main Stockholm. Equipped with a great submachine firearm, Olsson fired several photos at roof and you can announced he had been robbing the financial institution. Read More