September 15, 2022

Its most unfortunate, I’meters thus disturb about it, because the its about ninety% caused by my old boyfriend-girl

I’m not sure what you should do, no body will assist

My personal girl is emotionally and you may privately distress, becoming dragged away from doctor in order to doctor, expert to pro, the cures shortly after the latest medication. I’ve don’t currency to hire an attorney any further (every fund was spent in 2 separate fights over 5 years for only sunday visitation with my girl).

Very, my personal ex-gf Munchausen-by-Proxy is slower destroying our very own daughter and there is practically nothing We will do about this. I concern it could be too-late currently.

Good timing on this subject post. My personal ex boyfriend-wife has been while making my kid miserable, since he’s got began moaning regarding existence at the his mother’s family and you can inquiring to live beside me and you will my partner. I’m alarmed that practical counseling, in which they just be sure to illustrate your “dealing knowledge”, isn’t active for it particular question.

She attempts to force, threaten, and bribe him into pursuing this lady welfare when you look at the football and you will fitness (the woman is an exercise nut now). She goes through one sweetheart once other, and you may renders him mark along to their public life, which he has grown to dislike. When he complains otherwise objects otherwise disobeys, she punishes him by taking away Every one of his toys, perhaps not enabling your enjoy their devices, maybe not enabling him realize otherwise observe Television, placing your outside until bed time, threatening to place him out of the car and also make your go domestic, removing his cell phone therefore he can’t know me as, to make your stay against the wall throughout the day, telling him she is going to sue me and put him when you look at the “armed forces college or university”. Read More