September 24, 2022

RVB: Simmons are trans and you can homosexual and you can autistic, Wash are trans, expert, and multi-level marketing

Favorite episode our company is therefore fucking bad at this delight. possibly the one to was indeed the guy makes tidy their father. which had been very funny.

Favorite year 12 months 4 he had been so excellent inside the seasons cuatro. simmons possess Practically zero loyalty therefore stan him for that.

Favourite line i feel like simmons doesnt genuinely have a lot of great one to liners? the guy always takes on upright kid and his awesome funny is far more situational. but for example we have shit trash memory thus. uh their eulogy to possess sarge try comedy. Hold off Zero the as he claims which he can also be- right here allow me to eliminate it up

the solution was step 1,792. according to him it with the far believe. he’s away from by 30 thousand. grif and you may sarge simply faith your. Finest encapsulation away from simmons’ character.

Brotp simmons and you will church are perfect with her. practically the only method i will want to explain them was such as for example. platonic kismeses. they dispute on the technology and star trek. it made away after once they was indeed inebriated and you will neither from him or her mention they. Read More