The PICPA logo is a stylized graphic presentation of the letters C, P, and A for CPA’s. It is a geometric design of clasped hands symbolizing the unification of accounting groups into a solid, cohesive and responsive national organization of CPA’s.

The clear and concise design with elements emanating from the top and bottom and neatly meeting at the center also shows the unification of the kindred and diverse components of the accounting profession. The balanced perspective of the design represents the basic objective of accountants- balanced accounts in all transactions.

The colors of the logo are green and blue – green to signify the growth with the ultimate goal of the organization, and blue to symbolize the vastness and universality of the accounting profession. The dark blue and green arrows at the center going outward and duplicated in lighter shades signify the accountants’ objectivity and expansiveness as they discharge their functions as guardians of business and economy.