As the recognized umbrella organization, PICPA continuously work and collaborate with the Sectoral organizations in advancing the practice of accounting profession in the country.

ACPAPP  was created primarily to strengthen the position of the CPAs in public practice and to reserve the unity of the combined strength of all CPA professionals.

As the years rolled on, ACPAPP continued to perform its mandate to promote the interest of public practitioners. The unwavering support of its early members and dedicated officers helped the Association weather the chills of integration which gripped the profession towards the end of the decade and early nineties.

ACPACI has become a truly cohesive group of professionals in the Commerce and Industry sectors sworn to provide quality financial and allied services directed to attaining effective business decisions. It now maintains active participation with other sectoral organizations in the accounting profession – the Association of CPAs in Public Practice (ACPAP), the Government Association of CPAs (GACPA), the Association of CPAs in Education (ACPAE) and is a dynamic member of the national organization of CPAs, the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

ACPACI Seeks to Upgrade Professional Development of CPA’s in Commerce and Industry.

nACPAE envisions itself as a community of learned accounting teachers leading the Accountancy education in Southeast Asia. It all started from an idea to create a group that will attend to the needs of accounting teachers, promote their cause, advance their purpose, and advocate a better quality of life for them and a better quality of accounting education for the aspiring CPAs.

GACPA is the biggest sectoral organization of CPAs in the country with its membership being directly involved in the planning, management and review of the use of government resources. GACPA has a vital role influencing the level of professionalism, integrity and productivity in government.  To this end, it commits to be a catalyst for change towards the attainment of economic development and a better quality of life for the Filipino people.