• SME-SMP Growth Series

    About the SME-SMP Growth Series

    The Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the main drivers of economic growth and the Small & Medium Practitioners (SMPs) are equally important partners in the pursuit of their business objectives as well as in the development of the economy as a whole. However, the continuing coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the SMEs and SMPs, challenging their financial positions and business continuity, and exposing them to operational vulnerabilities amidst the heightened demand of the changing environment and worsening economic situation.

    There is a need and urgency to strengthen the business resiliency and operational capabilities of SMEs and SMPs, to enable them to sustain their operation, keep their businesses afloat, and meet their financial aspirations, now and in the future.

    The SME-SMP Growth Series is among the priority projects of PICPA under the leadership of National President Marydith C. Miguel.

    Lineup of Events

    • Digital Summit (September 2-3, 2021)
    • Tech Fair (October 21-23, 2021)
    • Tech Webinar Series (Coming Soon)
    • More events (Coming Soon)

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    Digital Summit

    The two-day SME and SMP Digital Summit aims to enable and empower the SMEs and SMPs towards future stability, resiliency and growth through technology. Click on the photos below for more information.