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The Challenges for Medium Sized Businesses Post Covid-19

The Challenges for Medium Sized Businesses Post Covid-19

Report Title: The challenges for medium sized businesses post Covid-19.

Summary of the Report: The purpose of this series of publications and podcasts is to look at some of those issues facing this undervalued sector and reflect on how they could be addressed. A very important question is the role of accountancy and finance professionals in supporting the sector. The strategic role of the finance function has proved to be growing in organizations of all sizes, but what is the specific angle for medium-sized businesses?

Each piece in the series of publications will provide a deeper dive into some of the specific issues identified and will tell the stories of mid-tier organizations finding their way through the challenges of the recovery, putting sectoral and geographic issues in the spotlight.

Research findings are based on a range of interviews with medium-sized sector representatives and roundtables held in different countries.

Key Highlights: The mid-tier has the potential to emerge from Covid as not just a stronger sector but also a more visible one. What support does this sector need to do that? The first article in the series presents a tentative definition of the sector and a high-level overview of the challenges facing medium-sized businesses following the outbreak of the pandemic.

  • What is a ‘medium-sized’ organisation?
  • Long-existent challenges exacerbated by Covid-19
  • The challenges of the medium-sized organisation
  • The future of the finance function

Find out how accountancy and finance professionals can support medium sized businesses in the article.


Link to the Full Report:
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