Registration Guidelines

Step by step registration guidelines, for your reference.

Common Registration Errors

There are two possible errors. One is not having any PRC details in the system, and two, you don’t have an email address in your profile. Click here for the guidelines.

How can I pay my annual dues?

Login inside MELS. At the left side portion of your screen, click the “Annual Membership”. This will lead you to the Payment’s Portal.
When you see a detailed bank description below the portal, this means your payment will be through your chapter. They will be responsible for the issuance of Official Receipt and payment updates.
Those without bank details of your chapter, the default payment will be through the National Office.

How to Request for an Electronic Certificate of Good Standing

There are two options. First is to login inside MELS. Second is through the PICPA Website.
There are two types of certificate. Generic which is the standard format, and Specific, with additional fee of P112.
Both certificates will be sent through your email. Click here for the guidelines.

Online Member's Update Form

For those who cannot proceed in updating their information through MELS. This also serves as an Online Update Form.

I did not receive a verification email after registering.

The email responses are automated and sometimes Google will mark it as SPAM. Please check your SPAM folder and mark it as not spam

I think my annual due balance is incorrect. How can I verify this?

To inquire about your annual dues, please contact the membership division at

Can I change my addresses, sector and chapter?

Generally, yes. We recommend to change your information before payment. If you are already a member in good standing, some portions of your profile will be uneditable.
Three (3) months before and after the election date (May 16), the system will now lock the changing of sector and chapter. You can only change this on the next fiscal year.