When will the previous PICPA portal (Glue Up) be shut down?

It will be decommissioned this January 31, 2023 so everybody is encouraged to sign up for the new PICPA MEL System. All members should have an account in this database.

I am a member of the previous PICPA's portal. How can I register again?

Everyone must register again in order for PICPA to have a complete and correct information. If you are a user of the previous PICPA portal, please enter your PRC number and click the Forgot Password link. You will then receive a verification link to complete your information.

I’m a previous user. After signing up, the information filled up is incorrect. How can I correct this?

Please contact the PICPA Membership Division at and inform the corrected information. They will assist you with your membership information.

I did not receive a verification email after registering.

The email responses are automated and sometimes Google will mark it as SPAM. Please check your SPAM folder and mark it as not spam

How can I pay my annual dues?

There are two options for payment:

The first option is go to the bank and pay your balance. Send a screenshot as proof of payment, and our cashier will verify it and cross-check it with our bank

And second, go directly to your local Chapter and pay the cashier. Following payment, you should receive an email confirming that your annual dues have been posted.

I think my annual due balance is incorrect. How can I verify this?

To inquire about your annual dues, please contact the membership division at

Can I change my Chapter?

Generally, yes. Except within three (3) months before and after election date or if you have already paid your membership dues to the Chapter. You can only change your Chapter in the following fiscal year.

It says in my portal that online payment in my Chapter is not yet available. What can I do?

You can visit and pay directly to your Chapter, by depositing money into the Chapter’s bank account and uploading the proof of payment.

Can I generate a Certificate of Good Standing using the MEL System?

Yes. Simply go to your profile and generate a Certificate of Good Standing. It may require you to pay a certain fee.