Request for Electronic Certificate

Online Request for the Certificate of Good Standing

Certificate of Membership in Good Standing (eCMGS) [click here]
The Certificate of Membership in Good Standing will be electronically transmitted to the member’s email address. Any erasures or tampering will render the certificate invalid. PICPA assigns a QR code that embeds the information controlled by PICPA.

Type of Request:

  1. Generic – Issued free on the first request. On the second request, PICPA charges certification fee of Php112 . The purpose indicated is “for whatever purpose it may serve”.
  2. Specific – Issued for a fee of Php112. This includes initial/renewal BIR Accreditation, PRC BOA, SEC, CDA, PRC Renewal, ASEAN CPA, Certficate, Foreign Organization – CPA of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or other countries, and other special certificate for a specific purpose.
  3. Membership Certificate – a diploma type of certificate issued during the Oathtaking


Additional fee of P168, if your want the original certificate delivered to your designated address.
Kindly provide the contact person, complete address and contact number.